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Hutly acquires PropertyData securing strong future for Victoria’s leading real estate data platform

6 October 2021

Summary: PropertyData, has been acquired from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) by Australian prop tech company Hutly in an agreement that will trigger renewed investment in and evolution of the real estate data company’s web and mobile apps. The acquisition is part of a 10-year digital innovation and data sharing partnership with the REIV that focuses on a deep integration with the VicForms contract platform, user-friendly data insights, mobile-first technology, and cost-effective access for REIV members.

The agreement will see Hutly take ownership of PropertyData while continuing to partner with the REIV to deliver “member-first” technology solutions that will exceed market expectations.

Hutly has already demonstrated their capability and genuine interest in improving how real estate works for all participants through their management and improvement of the new VicForms platform.

Read the official statement:

Acquisition FAQs

What should I expect now that Hutly owns PropertyData?

Hutly and REIV are working together to ensure a smooth transition. In short, you can continue to access the platform as you were. No immediate changes are planned.

However, we are really interested in you and your teams’ feedback on what’s working and what isn’t in PropertyData.

Over time, you should expect to see more logical linking with other REIV systems, and the emergence of new tools and apps which will make it even easier to find, use, and share property data in your agency.

Will the REIV and Hutly work together on PropertyData?

Yes. The agreement that has been signed requires the REIV’s ongoing involvement in major decisions that affect the membership.

Will integrations still work?

Yes. Integrations will not be affected by the change of ownership.

Will my login still work?

Yes. Logins will not be affected by the change of ownership.

When is this all going to happen?

The agreement was signed and executed on 1 October 2021, at which time Hutly took over operational control of the PropertyData assets.

Who is the new team and how do we reach Propertydata?

The existing Propertydata team will still be working on Propertydata along with some new faces as the teams integrate.

Who do I talk to about PropertyData?

You can continue to reach us through the same channels as normal:

Give your feedback on PropertyData

Your views on what we can do to make PropertyData more useful to you and your agency will help us plan what improvements we should consider for PropertyData. If you have the time, please complete our short survey here.